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Welcome to my website!

Hi hi! This is my personal site, a cozy nostalgic place for me to ramble about my interests in toys, cartoons, animanga, aliens, cryptids, and whatever else I get myself into. I hope you enjoy your time here!

I spend most of my free time drawing, if you want to see my art or read about my OCs click here. But this website will be mostly dedicated to my interests outside of art and expressing myself though coding and writing.

This website is best viewed on desktop or tablet-sized devices, preferably with firefox. I think its mobile friendly, it just might not look as nice :'3.

Offsite Links -- Twitter, Tumblr, Dollect, and Neocities Profile.

About the Webmaster!

I'm Cryptid! I'm agender, use they/them pronouns, and I'm in my mid-20s. I'm an artist, animator, toy collector, animation fan, and creature enthusist.

My main interests are art, animation, toys, fashion dolls, animanga, cryptids, aliens, paleontology, coding, minecraft, and vocal synths.

Some of my favorite things are coffee, frogs, monster high, hatsune miku, slice-of-life anime, cartoons, slowpokes, alternative rock, and electornic music.

About the Site

This site is an outlet for me to talk about my interests, myself, and practice webcoding!

I hope to return to using the internet as a tool to create and learn or a connection to others, instead of a place to consume products, ads, and whatever the algorithms pushes to my feed.

My goals as the webmaster are to fully customize my own online place, seek out what I want to see online instead of relying on algorithms, talk without fear of limits, censorship, or shadowbanning, decrease my use of the internet for shopping, and continue to support artists and creatives online.

Read more about me, my interests, and my manifesto here.

chocolate chipper my little pony generation 3 artwork

Now Watching:

Dungeon Meshi, Futari wa Precure, X-Files Season 4, and Yuru Camp Season 2.

Up Next:

Angel Beats, Oshi No Ko, and Skip and Loafer.

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H2O: Just Add Water, But I'm A Cheerleader, Zombieland Saga, Spy x Family, Kimi ni Todoke