Cryptid's Watchlist


Hi, this where I list all of the media I've watched and read recently, as well as my thoughts on them! You can also read about my general taste and preferences below...

I'm mainly into art and animation like cartoons, animated films, anime, and manga. I'm trying to broaden my interests into live action films and tv.

I tend to gravitate towards slice of life, drama, romance, comedy, fantasy, and supernatural genres in all mediums. I also tend to enjoy live action films from the 80s-90s more than modern ones. I tend to enjoy animation from any era.

Currently, I've been getting back into anime and trying new genres that weren't as popular or easily available back in my day. I've also been re-watching some anime that I didn't fully get back when I was a kid too. As you can see, I quite enjoy the Pretty Cure series!


Futari Wa Precure

TV Anime // Status: Watching // action, comedy, fantasy, magical girl

Cryptid's Rating ★★★☆☆

Finally watching the OG precure series! Its neat to see where it all started. I really really love the animation style of this one so thats what I've enjoyed most. I love that they just punch and kick until its time to strike down the monster with lightning lmao.

I was pleasantly surprised by Nagisa and Honoka's characterizations. I like them a lot so far. I'll rewrite this once I finish it and start Max Heart!

Dungeon Meshi

TV Anime // Status: Watching // comedy, fantasy, gourmet

Cryptid's Rating ★★★★★

Just like everyone, I'm obsessed with Dungeon Meshi. I fell in love with it from its first episode. Its so well animated and going into it blind is such a treat.

I really like the world building and lore already. I just wanna listen to Laios talk about monsters all day. I think my favorite characters are Falin, Laios, and Leed??? But its really really hard to narrow a favorite character down because I love them all so much.

Yuru Camp Season 1 + 2 + 3

TV Anime // Status: Watching // slice of life, adventure

Cryptid's Rating ★★★★★

One of my favorite animes ever! I fell in love with this series before I even started watching. I found it through a youtuber talking about anime countrysides and I just loved the art and the atmosphere then and there. My favorite characters are Rin and Nadeshiko and I think they should hold hands.

No matter how bad of a day or week I'm having, this series always cheers me up. I've been taking my time watching in it instead of binging, so I'm only now starting season 2. I plan to watch the whole series including the mini episodes and live action movie!

Zombieland Saga + REVENGE

TV Anime // Status: Finished // comedy, supernatural, idol

Cryptid's Rating ★★★★☆

My second ever idol anime! I really enjoyed this one, and it may eventually get a 5 star rating after I rewatch it. I was shocked how much I loved all of the characters by the end honestly, even the characters I found boring at first. Its an extremely charming series. My favorite character is Lily, but its so hard to pick one out because they're all so good.

Season one had some pretty rough animation, though I found that charming tbh, but the music was also rough which was a bummer. But the characters kept me watching. Season 2 fixed all of the issues I had in season 1 and by far surpased my expecations. Months after finishing it I still think of the songs in this season. I was in tears by the end!


Manga // Status: Finished // comedy, romance, sci-fi, ecchi

Cryptid's Rating ★★☆☆☆

Re-read for the first time since middle school! I remember really liking it back then and I think I still like it, just for different reasons. The art is gorgeous and really inspirational for me and I really liked Chii on a re-read.

I liked the exploration of human-persacom relationships and how they impact both sides both in the relationships and outside. The theme of loneliness and identity really hit deep, and the atmosphere of it really resonated with me as someone with a dissociative disorder. I enjoy a story about a girl finding her special someone to finally feel safe and loved.

Spy x Family Part 1 + 2

TV Anime // Status: Finished // comedy, spy, action

Cryptid's Rating ★★★★☆

One of my favorite recent animes, it absolutely deserves its hype. I just finished season 2 and I liked it even more than season 1! I loved Bond and Yor's episodes!

Last time I wrote my thoughts here, I said that Yor was a little underutilized but season 2 fixed that for me. I would do anything for Anya, I love Twilight and Yor so much, and BOND TOO. I even find myself invested in the other kids at Anya's school. Its just really good I highly reccomend.

Birds of Prey

L.A. Movie // Status: Finished // comedy, superhero, action

Cryptid's Rating ★★★★☆

My fav modern superhero movie! I love Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, but I was so disspointed by Suicide Squad lol... So this was made for me. Amazing action, amazing fashion!! FOUND FAMILY?? UGH I love it. I hope it gets a sequel!

Romantic Killer

TV Anime // Status: Finished // comedy, romance

Cryptid's Rating ★★★★☆

A comfort anime of mine I rewatched with my partner recently. I already love anime romance, but I really love unconventional romance written by people who like romance. Everything good about romance while acknowleging and fixing a lot of bad that comes with trope-y romance.

They're also able to get a LOT of good laughs out of the animation, desptie the low budget. I also LOVE the friendship betwen Ansu, Tsukasa, and Junta. I also ship them all in a polycule :3

Stop!! Hibari-Kun

TV Anime // Status: Watching // comedy, romance

Cryptid's Rating ★★☆☆☆

This show is just 80s anime goodness- a great art style, weird pacing, and unexplained running gags. Hibari is a very important character in lgbt history to me, and I really love her. Sometimes its good to look back at where we were to appreciate where we are now.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

TV Anime // Status: Finished // comedy, action, romance

Cryptid's Rating ★★★★☆

REALLY REALLY GOOD GUYS. ITS SO GOOD. Fixed so many of the issues I had with the comic and movie. Just really solid. I've seen Ramona rents a video a dozen times. I haven't been so artistically inspired by a show in so long, I love the art and animation style so much.

Edit: its been a few months and I still find myself listening to the opening and Kim & Knives over and over.

Shugo Chara!

TV Anime // Status: Watching (on hold) // fantasy, comedy, magical girl

Cryptid's Rating ★★★★☆

"Hop, skip, jump! Drew, draw, draw. Chip, syrup, whip! Is who I wanna be." Will forever be stuck in my head. Mid season 1 has a lot of changes I'm getting used to, so my thoughts are still a WIP.


TV Anime // Status: Watching // fantasy, comedy, magical girl

Cryptid's Rating ★★☆☆☆

Guilty pleasure comfort show. Fun little kids show with good vibes. Not reccomended if you're expecting anything more than a literal show for babies. I think the art direction is really calming and the teeniepings are just pure joy in a tiny guy form. I just like to watch those little guys run around and be cute. Season 3 subbed needs to come out already!

Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends

TV Cartoon // Status: Finished // sci-fi, supernatural, action, mystery

Cryptid's Rating ★★★★☆

The most underrated 90s cartoons ever, and I just randomly stubbled upon it on Tubi. A mystery show focused around an alien investigator and his parnter unraveling the mystery around the politics of aliens and the alliance they work for. Its worldbuilding and alien lore is absolutely bonkers and I love it! Please watch it and talk to me about it.

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